New Year, New Website

Read about what we have been up to last year, including what products and projects we worked on. Some outlook for 2022, where we want to be more vocal and provide blog entries as well as workshops and talks. We also use this opportunity to show off our new website.

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Dear friends and colleagues,

as the year slowly fades out I want to say thank you . Thank you for your support, because without you it would have been much harder. Thank you for the cooperation, I would be happy to extend working with all of you into the future.

I count 7 customers , thats more than I expected when my journey began this year. Some of which I have known for a long time. Some new ones. Even an unexpected one.

Together we built IoT systems and a companion web application on AWS with Amplify and created Support Applications for Medical Studies that can be run both on-premise and in the cloud. We supported startups as well as small to large businesses by lending our technical expertise in offer creation, technical architecture, AI integration and connected applications to some of the biggest partners and API's in their respective fields. I felt especially proud when we started serving our first SaaS (Software as a Service) product earlier this year which also saw it's first specialized adapter being born to serve a customers specific needs.

All of those projects and products have something in common: We want to talk about them .
You are looking at our new home where we will not just be able to do exactly that, but also welcome and announce new team-members, share upcoming events and publish our consolidated research.
Please share any feedback you might have.

With nothing else to add I wish you all happy new year.

- Lukas Winkler

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