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Lukas Winkler

Lukas Winkler

Over the years I fulfilled many roles in the world of Software Development and brought many applications and teams to life🌱. I enjoy bringing this experience into projects and thereby give them the boost that they deserve.


Service and Platform Provider

We provide fully managed SaaS products (for example text extraction from images) as well as managed platforms for your applications. One of our core skills is rapid development of software prototypes - Verify your ideas and scale them out later. Outsource your challenges and we deliver them from design over development to operations.

Reach the next level of reliability and time to market.

Cloud and Technology Consulting

We develope and operate cloud native applications on GCP and AWS. Further we lead and inspired software development teams design choices for many years. This experience allows us to give recommendations that are not just based on documentation but on real world experiences.

Get the right solution for your problem.

Custom Software Development and Integration

Get a tailored solution that fits your needs better then off the shelf alternatives. Integrate new building blocks that improve your workflows efficiently.

Create solutions, not workarounds.

Freelance Development

As part of your team we provide our senior Full Stack development skills. Many programming languages and technologies are our daily drivers. We are enthusiasts that enjoy staying implementing clean and robust solutions that can grow for years to come.

Fill the missing slots. Benefit from knowledge transfer. Accelerate development.

Organizational Support & Leadership

We deal with heroic single person efforts up to projects consisting of multiple Scrum teams. Our combination of technical and organizational expertise allows us unique insights into roadmaps and enables us to give recommendations on priorities, risk analysis and more.

Tune roadmaps. Get accurate estimations. Deliver quicker.

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