Project: Migrating easyGuestmanagement to GCP

Getting started with cloud computing can be intimidating and costly due to decision fatigue. We migrated an existing 3 Tier Web Application with hundreds of customers and 10000's of users onto Google Cloud Platform to save infrastructure costs and increase availability.


By providing an easy to use solution for managing accommodations the easyGuestmanagement (EGM) platform supports hundreds of hoteliers and apartment rentals in the DACH region.

It's features include handling and managing reservations, interaction support with customers, guest acquisition modules, integration with many popular tourism platforms (i.e., Feratel, Airbnb) and more.

Farm Overview

The system used to run on a managed PHP / MySQL server combination and was haunted by uptime problems caused by hardware defects and network service outtakes.

Due to the steady growth of the platforms features and customer count it quickly outgrew the former providers offered sweet spot of hardware options and thus became very expensive to operate.

Winkler IT partnered with EGM in 2021 and since then migrated the platform onto Google Cloud Platform (GCP) providing planning, insights and operational expertise.

Tech Stack
GCP, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Run, Docker, PHP, JavaScript, Cloud Error Reporting, Cloud Monitoring
Monthly Operating Costs
Rework application core to be stateless, failover SQL setup, autoscaling, monitoring

What our customers say

Philipp Zangerle

Philipp Zangerle <CEO>

The change to the new platform was a huge progress for us in terms of stability, monitoring and release management. Winkler IT presented all possibilities and found the perfect solution for easyGuestmanagement.

In addition to the change of infrastructure there were also many improvements to the development progress and Lukas also showed me how I can use the new system and get all advantages of it.

The best of all are the regular checks if everything is working well and also the fast response if there are any questions or changes. The system is always up do date and he informs me when there is a new update or if there are new possibilities to enhance the quality. Many thanks to Winkler IT for such a great service, which I do not want to miss anymore.

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  • …plan, build and improve cloud architecture.
  • …modernize and refine existing applications.
  • …hold workshops and talks providing deep dives into our stack.
  • …provide long term support for our partners.