Project: RetInSight AI powered Web Application Development & Consulting

RetInSight is a digital health company developing transformational retinal AI solutions to improve patient outcomes, increase clinical efficiency and reduce healthcare costs. WinklerIT lends its expertise in Software Development, Cloud Architecture and Project Management.


RetInSight offer AI-assisted analysis tools for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) images and other multi-modal examination methods from prospective and retrospective that target clinical and scientific studies as well as clinical routines.

This type of software is typically classified as Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

Medical analysis comes with its own set of technical challenges.
Input files are typically packing several image frames together into a complementing set of data which needs to be analyzed together. We routinely reach large file sizes, requiring special consideration from an architectural point of view for both storage, processing power and timeout management.

Compliance with HIPAA and privacy protection precautionary measures also needs to be upheld.

To tackle those challenges we build a decentralized microservice architecture on top of AWS services. The most expensive resources like EC2 instances equipped with powerful graphics cards are dynamically provisioned to both deal with burst requests and to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

WinklerIT enables RetInSight to meet deadlines and shorten development times in several projects by providing insights into cloud architecture and software development.
Together we brought several products to market.

Tech Stack
AWS, CDK, Python, FastApi, React, PSQL, DynamoDB, Lambdas, Batch, Stepfunctions, ...
SaMD, startup, preventive treatment of eye diseases

What our customers say

Christina Bohrn

Christina Bohrn <Head of Web Development>

Since the very first day of joining the project, Lukas from Winkler IT Solutions had a great impact on the structure of our entire project and his skills & experience have added real value to it.

With his commitment it was possible to improve not only our Software, but the whole development environment. I really appreciate that Lukas is not simply looking at his own task but always also has the big picture of the project in mind.

He is for sure a great and reliable team player and a pleasure to work with!

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